What is the fine for not fixing a windshield on time in AZ?

What is the fine for not fixing a windshield on time in AZ?

I got pulled over last week for having a broken windshield and was given an equipment repair notice. It says at the bottom of the notice that I have to mail in proof of fixing the windshield within 5 days- however, I won'-t have the money until this coming Friday, which will put me at one week late.I already tried to get an extension on the date, but could not receive help from three separate courts.What will be my fine for sending in proof a week late? And, do the 5 days include holidays/weekends?Thanks guys.


Not a travel question. You might get some answers in the "Legal" section, but I'm not sure I'd rely on the answers of random strangers to a specific legal question.Ask your lawyer, or ask the police or ask one of the courts you've already been in contact with what the fine is. You'll probably find out, since it doesn't sound like you're going to meet the deadline. They don't care whether you have the money or not. You always had the choice not to drive a car that wasn't "legal".


This just happened to me about a month ago.If you have insurance here's what you do. Call them and tell them you want your windshield replaced. Arizona is only one of ten states in America where your insurance company has to replace your windshield and not charge you the deductible. It's free!!!So many people do not do this because they fear paying a deductible out of pocket.An exerpt from the site below:"Our services are free to you if you have full auto glass coverage with your auto insurance policy. We are approved by all major insurance organizations and we can bill them directly."http://www.phoenixautoglass.org/Source(s):Just did it myself.



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