What is the difference between the gas cost of the 2006 mazda3, Toyota Corolla and Honda civic?

What is the difference between the gas cost of the 2006 mazda3, Toyota Corolla and Honda civic?

I just wanted to know which would be cheaper if I buy a car with alot of trunk room.


You should look at the total cost of ownership- not just the gas price. After all, if you have to spend more on maintenance but spend less on gas, how does that help you. I don't know if it is going to paste this here properly but I did a cost comparison for all of the vehicles you mention, plus the Civic Hybrid. The 5 year cost to own for all of them, in Chicago, averaged about $29,500. The low was the Mazda 3 at $29,394 and the high was the Corolla at $29,806. That is a difference of less than $100 per year over 5 years. The choice really is which one you like better. The new Civic is HOT! The Civic and Corolla, in my opinion, are a cut above in quality. Mazda has never managed to step up to that next level although they make VERY good cars. Maintenance costs on a Mazda can sometimes be higher also.Best of luck to you. I am pasting the results below, but I am not sure you will be able to make sense of them. Yahoo! Autos allows you to compare cost of ownership of up to 4 cars, side by side.Comparison Results: Total Cost to OwnCivic Corolla 5Sp Civic Mazda3HybridCost Rating N/A N/A N/ACost per Mile $0.46 $0.40 $0.40 $0.39Depreciation $14,093 $7,736 $7,978 $6,495Fees and Taxes $-167 $1,328 $1,381 $1,307Financing $4,302 $2,553 $2,706 $2,493Fuel Cost $3,950 $5,547 $5,944 $6,402Insurance $6,867 $6,781 $6,292 $6,444Maintenance $1,824 $1,706 $1,508 $2,133Repairs $650 $650 $650 $680Opportunity Cost $3,289 $3,332 $3,347 $3,440Total Cost to Own†$34,808 $29,633 $29,806 $29,394


About 5 9/10 of a cent


They all get about the same, I am sure they have the same size gas tank as well. They are actually the same type of car.... so just chose the one you like.


the Honda Civic Hybrid gets the best milage of the 3 at around 55 MPG.


Best to look it up yourself just incase you want to Add more cars to your list...Link....http://www.fueleconomy.gov/Just click on " FIND AND COMPARE CARS..."To get you started.Mazda 3 4 cyl, 2 L, Auto(S4), Regular $1195.00Toyota Corolla 4 cyl, 1.8 L, Auto(4), Regular $1050.00Honda Civic 4 cyl, 1.8 L, Auto(5), Regular $1019.00NO Turbo models listed here. Just regular engines.Have fun Shopping.....!!!!!Source(s):ZZZZZZZOOOOOOMMMMMM



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