What is the cheapest car insurance company?

What is the cheapest car insurance company?

My auto insurance went up AGAIN! I am a safe driver! OHIO mutual is horrible!What is a cheap insurance company? NOT SAFE AUTO>-THEY SUCK


It really depends on the customer. If you have some incidents on your record, or are a driver under 25, try Safeco, Progressive or Nationwide. If you are older, or a young driver with a clean record, try The Hartford, AIG, Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual. Most all of the companies will run a social security number check for insurance score (a record of your past bill paying history and employment history), they may give you a discount if you are a college graduate or own a home or take out a renter's or homeowner's policy with them. Make sure you get all of the possible discounts available to you. Don't be afraid to ask. most importantly, don't skimp on coverage just to save $20 a year. make sure your liability is AT LEAST 50/100/50.Good Luck!Source(s):I have been an insurance agent for 10 years


you can do comparasion shopping in your state. Google insurance rate or quote comparasions and see what is offered.


Try AIG, Geico or Progressive. Good Luck



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