What is the cheapest auto insurance in NYC?

What is the cheapest auto insurance in NYC?

Currently paying way too much for my auto insurance with Geico.


no answer to this/too many things depend on the quote/age/driving history etc/ins is local and you have to call locally to get er done/these insurance questions only create spam /sorrySource(s):used car dlr nj


Insurance rates are different for everybody, so nobody on here will be able to help you. All insurance companies use different criteria to assess risk. The cheapest company for you might be the most expensive for someone else.To find out who is the cheapest for you, you really need to shop around. If possible, call, or go and talk to an agent. They can give you a much more accurate quote than you would get with an online quote.


In spite of what the commercials say you're probably going to find out there isn't $50 a year difference no matter where you go.



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You should use your permanent address which is in Windsor. Windsor rates are probably lower anyway.

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