What is the average cost of living in Chicopee, MA?

What is the average cost of living in Chicopee, MA?

I need the cost of Food, Rent, Gas, Health Insurance, Cable/Internet/Phone, Cell, Car Insurance, Car Maintenance, and Utilities for one month. It'-s for a homework assignment, and I have no idea where to get this info. Thank you in advance.


RentI had a hard time figuring prices out for utilities so i found you apartments with utilities includedhttp://www.showmetherent.rentlinx.com/Pr…Food http://bigy.mywebgrocer.com/CircularMain…http://www .lorrainessoupkitchen .com/Gas http://www.springfieldgasprices.com/Chic…Cable/ internet/ phone http://www22.verizon.com/residential/bun…Cell http://www.tmicell.com/?aid=28808Health Insurance http://www.healthnewengland.com/PlanSele…mass health http://www.massresources.org/pages.cfm?c…Car Maintenance Hourly rates http://cdn.automd.com/shops/MA/chicopee/http://www.jiffylube.com/autoservices/au…car insurance use 01013 as your zipcode https://www.general-auto-insurance.com/Hope this helps



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