What is the average car insurance rate for a 16 year old female in Arizona with standard coverage?

What is the average car insurance rate for a 16 year old female in Arizona with standard coverage?

what would be the approximate monthly charge?


I could speculate from what I've seen... but I don't think that would give you a good answer. I live in Southern California, fairly closed to Arizona, but the rates for a 16 year old here will be completely different than in Arizona (probably more expensive here, California sucks) All different types of age groups change drastically in every city, area, etc. There is so much information insurance companies use- you're driving record, age, type of vehicle, accident rate of the area, etc etc (every insurance company calculates it differently too) that for you to get a safe quote will require you contacting the company...I know this doesn't answer your question and you probably already had an idea about that, but you should really take it into consideration if you want tangible evidence to support your case in getting a vehicle.To point you in the right direction...http://www.progressive.com/ If you can fill out all of the information here, you will be able to get a ball park figure for your auto quote with progressive insurance, as well as several other companies- this is one nice thing that progressive does.From my experience, I have found the company AAA to offer the best rates for myself and other people around my age group. Here is their page: https://www.logiforms.com/formdata/user_forms/4685_4056067/12098/Perhaps you will find the same to be true in Arizona.Keep in mind that most companies offer discounted rates for new drivers, good students (GPA above 2.0 or 3.0 depending on company), and discounts as you get more experience.I hope I provided you with some tools to use on your quest. Good luck!


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$200 a month for full coverage. $100 a month for the minimum coverage allowed in Arizona. Don't get in a wreck..



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