What is the auto insurance costs for a 2001 Toyota Celica GT?

What is the auto insurance costs for a 2001 Toyota Celica GT?

I am 16 and my parents have state farm insurance. I need to know about what it will cost to insure a 2001 Toyota Celica GT. Any guesses or does anyone just happen to know? I have the "-good student"- discount and a couple other things.


You will have to shop around as you do.Get a quote from insurers you get from yellow pages or from the web.


You will have to shop around as you do.Get a quote from insurers you get from yellow pages or from the web.


you cant buy insurance/minor/have to stay on moms policy


There are way too many variables that go into buying car insurance for anyone to even be able to guess online. Your family needs to just contact a insurance agent over the phone to find out.Insurance companies take many things into account, the area you live in-if its a high crime area, how many miles you will be driving a day, where you car will be parked at night (in a garage or on the street), how many miles is on the car, the city and state you live in, you name it. Some even take into account your (or in your case your parents) credit rating.One advice i can tell you is this-when you go to get the insurance dont offer up certain details such as the GT. Thats a red flag that this is a sports car and they will charge you much more for that. Now if they ask you if its the GT model you need to be honest and tell them, if they dont ask dont tell. Just say Toyota Celica.


Have your parents insure it. It will be much cheaper. Have you given any thought to speak with State Farm about the cost?



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