What is state farm's damage to your auto coverage option?

What is state farm's damage to your auto coverage option?

I have state farm insurance and hit a deer, my auto insurance card does not list comprehensive as a coverage option however it does list damage to your auto as a coverage option. Is this the same as comprehensive?


I don't know what state you're in, but I've never heard of "damage to your auto" as a coverage option. You either have comprehensive or collision coverage, both or neither.You're going to need to contact your agent's office. Most agents have 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The after hours service will be able to see your policy and will get you in touch with a claims representative who can answer your questions, if it's not normal working hours.Source(s):State Farm Agent.


It's definately not the same thing as comprehensive, but I've never heard of that coverage, either - so it's probably a state specific coverage (and I've written insurance in MANY different states).You're going to have to ask your agent.This coverage MIGHT cover the damage by the deer, might not. Keep in mind, in some states, if you don't have comprehensive, you can use your collision coverage when you hit an animal, if you carry collision coverage.


Hitting an animal is comprehensive. The other coverage is collision but you do not say if you have collision coverage or not.You need to have your agent put in a claim for you. The claims office will let you know if you are covered or not. You might want to post what state your in.



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