What is normal to pay yearly for car insurance in Virginia?

What is normal to pay yearly for car insurance in Virginia?

I'-ve been paying about $1200 per year and I'-m starting to wonder if that is high. Does anyone know what the average price a year might be?


It's hard to answer with such limited information.Make sure your current company isn't charging you forthe "non fault" accidents. If they are on your record,they don't show as no fault. You must get a letter stating that these weren't your fault, if they are on your record. Also,the speeding ticket will cause your rates to be at an increased rate for 3 years then fall off. If you have full coverage (coverage to cover damage to your auto), that costs more. If your car is older, you don't need to carry collision coverage. Where you live in Virginia makes a difference too. Lots of factors. You can grab your declaration page, DL# for all in the household, and call around for quotes. It doesn't cost anything to do that.


It depends on where you liveIn Northern Virginia, the rates for Springfield is almost the same for Washington DC (around $800 for 6 months -- and this is for someone without any accident or speeding ticket) compared to someone living in Falls Church (you can get it as low as $200-400 for 6 months).


You should check around for competitive rates, I would check State Farm I have been with them 25 years and Allstate and http://www.unitrindirect.com/naimautoins…They will pay you $20 if they can't beat your rate.Source(s):Independent Broker 9 years


Sounds pretty cheap to me.But there are no short cuts, you have to shop around to find the cheapest price for YOU. It's going to depend on your coverage limits.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


It does sound a little high!Rates can vary by hundred's of dollars from company. I think it would be well worth your time to shop your insurance. Take advantage of some of the free on-line rating services, they make it easy to get quotes.There's one site at http://www.InsuranceEasy.org that lists all of the top and most popular free rating services. Since the services are free I would get quotes from every free quoting service that they list in their directory. Several people (friends and family) have saved money by using http://www.InsuranceEasy.org because they ended up getting the best 5 or 6 rates from hundreds of companies.Even if you don't want to buy insurance on-line this still is an easy way to find out which company is willing to provide the best rate then you can locate a local agent that sells for that company.Hope this helps!



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