What is it like to work for an insurance special investigations unit?

What is it like to work for an insurance special investigations unit?

My husband is thinking about taking a job in this field. He is currently a detective and the stress of his current job is very high. I'-m just not sure if all of the traveling (involving going to a major metro area) will be just as stressful as his current job. What about the career ladder?


Have you talked to any of the insurance investigators at various companies? Anonymously, of course. from a pay phone.Find out the trade publications they read.Nice to see a wife who cares and notices so much and so well, what her husband is doing and going through.You are a gem! I suspect you help him survive the stress better. Bless you.


A job in an insurance company SIU unit can be rewarding and can pay more then law enforcement after awhile. It can be hard to get to an insurance company SIU job, but most of them love hiring ex-cops and ex-FBI people so your husband should have a easier time getting an SIU job.Be prepared for tons of office politics, overnight travel, crooked insureds, claimants, agents lawyers etc. It is a stressful job because you are expected to get results and catch people committing fraud and that is not as easy to prove as some people think it is.Also, be warned that insurance companies like to "downsize" their claims divisions so the job stability may not be there long term. Choose carefully and good luck.Source(s):Claims adjuster for way too long.


To work in SIU you have to have a claims handling background. He won't automatically start in SIU. SIU does the same thing adjusters do...they work a claim from simple property damage to bodily injury scams. The difference b/w the two are legal requirements SIU is subjected to and the information they have access to. The majority of claims taken into SIU are due to the work of the adjuster who intially has the claim. The SIU departments of all insurance companies work together and individually with various law enforcement agencies, from the state attorney general's office up to the FBI & Homeland Security if needed.If your husband wants more of a law enforcement role, he should contact the Department of Insurance of your state (CA has investigators out there who are required to carry weapons), Attorney General's office, or the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau). If your husband is currently a detective he may want to see if his department has a VICAP or Auto Theft unit. Many of the DA's offices need investigators as well for insurance fraud.I personally would never want to work in SIU. I'm not interested in face to face meetings with these potential fraudsters, I'm not interested in scoping out medical clinics and attorney's offices. I'm not interested in going to court. But my friends who do work in SIU love it.



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