What is involved with moving to a new state?

What is involved with moving to a new state?

(ps sorry dad for using your account)Ok. I am a 21 year old college student currently attending college in Pennsylvania, but my permanent address is still with my parents in New JErsey. Next year I will be moving out of the campus dorms and into an apartment, and will meet the requirements to get a PA driver'-s liscense, thus becoming a PA resident.My question is this: What exactly does changing residency do in terms of things like health insurance, cell phone bills, auto insurance, etc..in which I am still under my parents plans? Do i need to purchase my own health/auto insurance when I change residency?Thanks!


You're only attending school in another state, when your permanent address is with your folks. While in certain respects you "qualify" for a Pennsylvania license, you don't know know for certain that you WILL land a job in the Keystone State following graduation.



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