What is Insurance sales like?

What is Insurance sales like?

Since I put my resume on sites like Careerbuilder and Monster I have gotten a lot of emails about insurance sales.I have been reluctant to reply to them because I am fairly young and always heard about insurance sales being boring and miserable. So I would just like to know what being an agent is like? Can you make a decent living? Is it interesting? Is it boring? What do you or a friend enjoy about it? What do you dislike about it?


It should tell you volumes that they are all approaching you when you have no experience. Insurance can be very interesting because there are many ways to provide coverage for individuals and companies alike. My sister just tried her hand at direct sales for a captive company (meaning she could only sell for that one carrier). After a year she is looking for a new career. There will be minimum requirements (example: 5 auto, 3 life and 5 homeowners per month). If you don't meet the minimums you will either be out of a job or make little to no commission. There are a lot of independent agents out there that are 2nd, 3rd or more generations deep in the industry. they have all the leads and contacts to work the system.If you can get into an established agency to have the support, then it is a good deal. If you are taking a direct sales position generating your own sales leads it is a difficult career to get off the ground.Source(s):18 years in the industry


It does not matter whether I can make a living at it. What matters is whether you can.95% of newly hired insurance salespersons cannot make enough money to continue working for a year and have to stop sooner. Some of the remaining 5% do not make any money, but keep working anyway, without being paid. Fewer than 5% make enough money to be able to keep working at it for a year or more, and even fewer make a decent living.


Brutal.You pay licensing fees yourself. 95% of agents wash out. They hire EVERYONE who applies, because if you don't sell, you don't get paid.You CAN make a decent living - but you'll be working 60 to 80 hour workweeks the first five years or so.


You need a license to become an insurance broker. I recommend you join International Marketing Group (IMG)m a financial distribution company. When you become an IMG associate, you get a license for multiple financial products including insurance. You have to attend the Wealth Academy seminars first to be oriented on how the financial industry works. For additional info please visit the site below.Source(s):http://www.becomeyourown-financialadviso…



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