What is a good car insurance company?

What is a good car insurance company?

Since I started driving 9 years ago I have had Liberty Mutual car insurance. I'-m not happy with them right now. I was in an accident 6 months ago and they refused to fight it for me. In 9 years I have never had an accident before. I called AAA auto insurance and they gave me a quote. I also called Allstate and they also gave me a quote. These quotes are including the accident that I was in. Which company would you go with? I'-m rulling out Mercury.


state farmSource(s):satisfied state farm customer for almost 20 years


I had Allstate and rates went up in 6months..they said everyones went up but thats besides the point lol.. they do have a good accident forgiveness...for every year you arent in an accident they deduct 100 from your deductible....up to 500.....but now i have State Farm..and LOVE them :)depends on where you are..and rates..


Alfa if you are in Alabama.... State Fram is a good one.....@


I would say nowadays the best way to find out would be through a comparison site, fill in the one form, get many quotes, see what suits you best. It saves plenty of time.Here's a good one to start you off, it's free.http://4ym8.com/CompareInsurance.htmlthese are all the main American insurers competing to get your business, if it works out remember my points please :)


GeicoProgressiveAll StateState Farm




Each insurance company has different rates. It pays to shop around and get multiple quotes. Also, ask them what happens if you get into an accident. Last time I went for no insurance, I went with a carrier that had the lowest premium, but if I get into a bad accident, my rates will jump high. It's all about risk.Don't assume that your insurance company doesn't want to fight for you for an accident. Each claim is evaluated on its own merits. I hope you didn't ask them to pursue the state of California for damaged caused by hitting a pothole.


I would say AAA i have been a member since 1974.


William,It depends somewhat on what you are looking for out of your insurance. If you just want the cheapest, then go with your cheapest quote.Just be sure you know what you are getting. Sometimes the best car insurance company for one person is not the same for someone else.More pointers and tips in the link below.Source(s):http://www.auto-insurance-helper.com/bes…



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