What is a good but inexpensive auto insurance for a teenager?

What is a good but inexpensive auto insurance for a teenager?

hey i just got my 2000 infiniti i30 and im looking for a good but inexpensive auto insurance because I have certain expenses and im just trying to save money.


that would be called "liability only" insurance.. try that oneSource(s):the rooster hit again


the best one is the one daddy pays for the teenager


There is no inexpensive auto insurance for a teenager.There is no good but inexpensive auto insurance for a teenager.There is no bad and inexpensive auto insurance for a teenager.All auto insurance for teenagers is expensive.If you cannot afford expensive insurance, then you cannot have a car until you are older.


If you can get on a family members poliicy that may save you some money in the long run. Otherwise you need to get the yellow pages out and start calling local insurance agents with the year make and model of your car and find an insurance policy with a local agent. Try to find a policy that goes for six months because you are an assigned risk having not had insurance the rates will be higher and if you can get a six month policy you will pay higher rates for only six months. After you get a renewal this is like gold you can call as any other insurance company and try to get a lower quote. A llot of those internet web sites are fake and gathering your personal information to try to sell mailing lists to other companies. They may promise multiple listings but rarely come through and then quote some outrageous quote to get rid of you. A local agent on the telepone is probably your best bet. I can usually call 10 or 12 before wanting to barf. best of luck Try your best not to get into any accidents this will help keep your rates down.



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