What is a good auto insurance company for someone in my situation in north carolina?

What is a good auto insurance company for someone in my situation in north carolina?

I am 19 years old and recently was convicted of an underage dui. My parents took me off of their insurance as soon as this happened so now I'-m stuck with the task of finding an insurance company that will actually pick me up. I know I am a huge liability. What would be a good company to look into and what do you think my payments would be per month? I was thinking around $200 a month but I'-m not sure


Usually a company like Progressive will take you, I would try them, or Titan insurance (through Nationwide) or The General. worse case scenario you could go through the North Carolina Facility (assigned risk)Source(s):Nationwide Agent


I don't think you are going to be able to find any insurance company that is going to insure you directly and voluntarily. You may need to see if you can get coverage through the assigned risk pool in NC (which interestingly has the largest number of risky drivers insured this way of all states)



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