What if there was never a constitution how would our lives be like?

What if there was never a constitution how would our lives be like?

Just a thought I was thinking and wanted to get others opinions


Prior to the Constitution (and Bill of Rights), there was The Articles of Confederation. Each state was far more independent, to the point that each had its own militia (now The National Guard), its own Treasury, mint, postal system and currency. Interstate commerce was a royal pain in the neck. Say you live in Pensacola Florida, but work in Mobile, Alabama, that you shop in Biloxi, Mississippi, have friends you like to visit in both Georgia AND in Louisiana. Your pay check is in Alabama money, you need to convert it to Florida's currency, but you need to keep a stash of Mississippi, Louisiana AND Georgian currencies as well... Alabama has a state tax, Florida does not. You must file in Alabama, because that's where you work, but you live in Florida, where you pay nothing.Understand now why the Articles of Confederation didn't work? If you look up the root Latin words for the word Diverse, you will find "Dis" meaning to turn or to tear and "Vertere" meaning apart. To turn or to tear apart. There was no unity in THESE "United States."States still want to keep some of their autonomy, their independence from the other states. So, the Federal Government was established to provide that unity. It takes care of things like foreign trade agreements, freeing up the states to deal with more local and direct things. One of the recommendations regarding health care reform was that people be allowed to purchase health insurance across state lines. That would then mean that all insurance companies would have to be the same in their rules and dealings. Sounds good until you stop and look at insurance rates. Just like in auto insurance, people who live in cities are more likely to have accidents purely due to the higher number of people in a given area. Should people who live in a more "healthy" state be required to pay the same premiums as those who live in poor health regions?The only problem with the Constitution is that is is severely subject to misinterpretation by the ignorant masses and by a Supreme Court with an agenda.


About what is is now. Ever since Lincoln, leaders have spit all over the constitution. Now it is just a suggestion to government.



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