What health clinics accept GEICO health insurance claims?

What health clinics accept GEICO health insurance claims?

I don'-t have health insurance but I was offered a health insurance claim from GEICO covering $2,500 of medical expenses. GEICO does not offer a list of places to visit and I would like to get an xray for my swollen ankle.


You've probably already figured this out but if not ?? when you have a medical claim against auto insurance you can visit any provider. You'll have to work out payment with that provider prior to getting service- many providers will require full payment up front. You will then submit the bill to GEICO and they'll reimburse you up to the $2500 limit. If your expenses are greater than $2500 you will be responsible although you may request a higher amount.Source(s):Independent Agent


Dont know what you mean. Were you involved in an accident and Geico is offering to settle for $2500 ? You can go to any county clinic if you are low income or any community clinic if you are not. Do not go to a hospital because that is very expensive and not necessary.



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