What does the state farm condominium association insurance policy?

What does the state farm condominium association insurance policy?

I just had some of my precious items stolen from my car that was parked in the driveway. I have asked people and they claim i should contact my home insurance to compensate for the damages rather than my auto insurance policy. If i should contact my home insurance, what should i say in my claim? What are your opinions, suggestions?


Auto Policy will only cover items in your vehicle that are "attached" to the vehcile.~1st - Total up the value of items stolen2nd - What is your Deductible (DED)?~If the value is above your DED, then make a decision on if you want to file a claim. State Farm is very solid and one of the top insurers (with USAA). Call your agent to get advice as well BEFORE you tell them you want to file a claim. SF agents are usually very helpful.Good luck.Source(s):Property Claim Adjuster - 5 yrs


Many homeowners policy do make provisions for items stolen from your vehicle. Call them and tell them you need to file a theft claim. Make sure you have a police report and receipts for the stolen items.


You were told correctly. Items in your car are not covered by your car insurance. They may, however be covered under your renters or homeowners insurance. What should you say? LoL ....just call your insurance company and report it. They will probably require that you also have reported the theft to your police dept.



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