What does an Insurance Agent's job entail?

What does an Insurance Agent's job entail?

I recently posted my resume on CareerBuilder.com and since then I am continuously getting emails from Insurance companies to be an insurance agent. Personally I hate pushing paper and making phone calls (and my resume obviously states that considering all the carpenters experience i have noted). BUT I have a baby on the way and am getting very desperate for a job and am actually considering calling one of these guys back... I'-d just like an opinion from someone who has first hand experience as an agent or whom has worked for an insurance company. What would it be like when I first joined? How much salary can I expect? And what kind of work can I be expected to perform? Anything would be great. I will post one of the emails I received:Hello, my name is xxxxxxx, State General Agent for American Income Life Insurance Company. I am sending you this e-mail to introduce myself and invite you to learn more about the opportunities that AIL can provide.American Income has been in business for over 55 years, and is nationally recognized as one of the significant carriers of supplemental insurance in North America. American Income is licensed in 50 states, Canada and New Zealand. We are part of the Torchmark Corporation (TMK), a Fortune 400 company and we are rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best.We are looking for top candidates to assist us in facilitating the rapid expansion that we are currently experiencing in our offices. We currently have openings for individuals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We are also looking for experienced trainers and managers to help us manage our rapid growth.We are also recruiting for outside sales positions, however, THERE IS NO DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES AND NO COLD CALLING. We have a Public Relations team that does all of the prospecting for you.We will be hosting interviews this month on Wednesdays and Thursdays mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.My staff has identified you as a potential candidate and I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience please reply to xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com and include your resume and the best phone number to contact you at or call me at: (888) xxx-xxxx ext xxx.Sincerely,XXXState General AgentAmerican Income LifeOnce again, thanks for any information on the subject.


I had a prior coworker work for American Income. i think the salary depends, as it is commission only if i remember correctly. i know that he kind of went to in person appointments at people's homes and sold only life insurance. you will have to get your license to sell life from the state, and is it a kind of long process (the study book is kind of lenghty and then you have to pass the tests). i am licensed in life/health/auto/fire and work for a large insurance company. not an agent, but work for one. It is a good job if you are into sales. American Income you are kind of on your own, set your own hours, make calls, set your own appointments kind of thing. but if you are good at it you can make good $. my hubby was/is a carpenter, and he has now looked into working in warehouses. some of those pay good as well.


I work for the company, I was hired after going through 3 interviews all with different people. The office is in Virginia and it is all commission and is based on sales. You do have to get a state license in insurance and be able to sell it. I was not that bad simply because my mom worked with insurance a lot, and I worked retail for 5 years as well as door to door for a couple of months. My other jobs were hourly and would always work holidays, here you are all commission. Our training was done on a website where you can log on and you get practice exams and all the infomration needed to succeed, but it does cost some money (around 300) to set up the site, email, etc. But long story short I was working a job once where I was making 17 an hour and paid bi-weekly around 1,200 dollars and now I am being paid weekly and average around 1,400 a week. It's an Entry Level career position and can definitely move up real fast, I would definitely give it a shot.





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