What does a 500 dollar comprehensive deductible mean?

What does a 500 dollar comprehensive deductible mean?

Recently while vacationing in Myrtle beach I had an auto accident that was my fault. My insurance says I have a 500 dollar comprehensive deductible. Does this mean my car will be fixed as long as I pay 500 dollars?


Exactly what it says. Comprehensive will not fix your car. Collision does that.


Yes. A deductible is the maximum amount YOU pay, before your insurance pays the rest.If the damage was $500 or less, you pay for all of the repairs and the insurance pays nothing.If the damage was over $500, you pay $500 for repairs and the insurance pays the rest (for instance, if the repair cost $2000, you would pay $500 and insurance would pay $1500).Having a higher deductible is a good idea because it means you'll pay lower insurance premiums.


In short, yes. You are responsible for paying the first $500 in repairs. The insurance company will pay the rest, in accordance with your policy. Check your policy to see what the maximum is that your insurance will cover.Source(s):Personal experience


No , a comprehensive deductible is the amount that you pay if the car is damaged by vandals, weather, etc., while it is parked.For an accident while you are driving, you pay the "collision" deductible.


It doesn't matter what your comprehensive deductible is because the comprehensive coverage does not cover your car in an accident, your collision coverage does. Whatever your collision deductible is is how much you'll pay.Source(s):Independent Agent


you will always pay the first 500 of the damage.



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