What do you think of my ideas to handle illegal immigration?

What do you think of my ideas to handle illegal immigration?

Since congress is hell bent on legalizing law breakers into our nation, I say lets go with the flow and make it work in our favor. Fight it and one of the sides are going to win and since they have the advantage in numbers, I suggest going with the flow and both parties will remain intact.My ideas:Start a business that carters to this group of people only. Give them credit cards with high interest rates, nice cars that are offered at low prices but come attached with high hidden fees.Offer them investing accounts with promises of making money for them when in reality the fees end up draining them dry. You know, make money off them at their expense, and do it with our best service with a smile. Treat them the way the current middle American class is being treated.Get a mate. Start hooking up those who are not citizens. This way you get to teach your kids both English and Spanish and in the process will create a truly unique American culture. Eventually this will eliminate racism


When something bad is happening, there's almost always an opportunity to make money from it. Sure, it may be the moral equivalent of selling Zyclon-B to the Nazis, but it's always an option...


Thanks for the laugh!! Sorry, not with you on that at all. We have a process for legal immigration...you asked for my idea...cut off all government benefits to illegals, healthcare, employment, housing, and free education. No drivers license, no auto insurance, nothing but deportation of illegals...every single one. Enforce the laws that define them as the illegals they are and stop trying to find ways around them. Build the wall, beef up security on the borders. Nobody enters illegally, nobody stays illegally. Problem solved.


Personally i think you're being to lenient.


Er just dont let them in!If you know of one report them, get them sent bk to where they came from


No thank you. I'll just keep on insisting that our legal system actually MEANS something and that criminal actions should not be rewarded. I'll also keep fighting against politicians who don't see things my way.


why dont you stick your head in the ground and leave it there?If it cant work above ground, maybe it will work as fertilizer


that will work automatically, since their education level is low.Besides they starting to deport themselves now- because of no jobs...Fine and jail time for employers. Which is working greatSource(s):self deportation of illegals


very interesting but im going to say not a good idea. Plus most immagrants are coming for money not to spend a butt load of it.


I've read all answers you got till now, but seriously- aren't you aware there are indeed such programs in the USA already. Correct me if I'm wrong: Regarding businesses that only cater to them, there are quite some around. Just read some of local papers from different states. Second: Don't you remember about a year ago many credit companies being called over by Congress in their investigaton of these companies' supposed "higher interest" charged to Hispanics.Regarding creating business to "make money off of them"- hasn't this been done ten-fold with the REAL ESTATE and MORTGAGE programs. Even for the illegal immigrants there are programs! And of course, they're also being "dried up" every time they go in to cash they're checks every day, since big fees are charged! Plus WESTERN UNION does make good money off of them.And regarding mates, if you mean marrying them- that's going on more than anyone thinks!!!


I can't believe that you wasted all that time to write so dump stuff get a job or something that makes your mind work right stop smoking that crap


And exactly how and who is going to fund this endevor Great in theory but not practical



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