What do i have to do to get plates on a salvage titled car in NC?

What do i have to do to get plates on a salvage titled car in NC?

I live in NC and and I just bought a used car with a salvage title. The car came from virginia and the guy didn'-t have a problem getting plates and registration there but I was just wondering if anyone knows if I'-ll have a problem with getting it registered in NC? I already got insurance on it and they just needed a mechanics statement but will the DMV need anything other than the title and proof of insurance?


Operating a Rebuilt Auto in North CarolinaThe NC DMV would like those interested in Salvage and Gray Market Vehicle titles to call (919) 861-3500 to get information for their specific situation. In general, if you have a salvage title car that you have rebuilt to working condition:¦You must rebuild the car, keeping a bill of sale or titles from all the cars used.¦The car must get a safety inspection.¦The car must pass an emissions test.



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