What company has the lowest auto insurance rates?

What company has the lowest auto insurance rates?

My insurance rates just went up $100 a month because of speeding tickets I got last year. I took an improvement class right after I got the ticket and am also getting ready to turn 25. I was hoping my rates would go down and nit up to $250 a month. Anyone know any companies?


No one company has the lowest rates for everyone. Many different companies have the lowest rates, for different drivers. To find out which one is lowest for you, you need to check with all of them, because any of them might be the lowest for you, even if it is not the lowest for someone else.


There's no way we can answer that here,* make, model, trim, and year of car * optional equipment in the car (ABS, traction control, etc.) * theft deterrent equipment in car (alarm, Lojack, etc.) * other equipment in car (fire extinguisher, emergency kit, etc.) * location where it is stored * mileage driven per month * where you drive to and from * your age * your driving record * your gender * your profession / job * amount of coverage you are buying * type of coverage your are buying * and more Just take some quotes online, phone some brokers offline, walk into a broker's office.


That is like asking which restaurant has the best meal deal price. You cannot compare insurance based on just price. You also need to look at the actual coverage. There is a reason that some companies have low premiums- they don't pay claims very well. Talk to an independent insurance agent (or two) and have them provide you with quotes that meet your insurance needs.With your speeding tickets I am guessing that all of the companies will be charging you more but some have better rates than others for high risk drivers (which is what you now are).



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