What company has the least expensive auto insurance for young drivers?

What company has the least expensive auto insurance for young drivers?

Does anyone know of an insurance company that is reasonable with it'-s rates for a young lady driver with a good driving record but bad credit? Full coverage is needed on the vehicle. Thank you for your time and your answers.


I spent a week in the phone book trying to get low quotes. Finally, I went online & now I am paying less than ? of what I was before I did. Go to:Auto Quotes: http://www.insureme.com/landing.aspx?Ref…Take care,Casey


I would say http://www.surfquotes.com


The best way to find the best auto insurance deal is to go online and get as many quotations as you can and then compare them. It won't cost you anything, but it will be time well spent. There is some advice about this for people like you on this website. Good luck!Source(s):http://www.quickautoinsure.com/auto-insu…


depends on the driver, how long he/she has been driving, the persons driving record, the area they live in and the vehicle the person drives.


No company has inexpensive rates for young drivers. All rates for drivers under 25 for females and under 27 for males are out of this world. I'm so glad I'm older than that now...Source(s):I pay a little over $600 a year-- total, for TWO vehicles...


I have aaa. car insurance. it is the lowest i have ever seen. they will work with you. and the best part is that they do have grace priords. unlike others like gacio and progisive. they make you pay ever 6 mos. but aaa you can pay. every year.i have 2 cars. 1 1985 and a 1987. and i have full coverage. i pay.are you ready for this. I have a Good driving record. I have been with aaa for 4 years. before i joined the aaa auto club.Now the price. for both cars i pay $532.00 per year.So if you want a price like this. then join the auto club. they are good.and please don't get a dui or dwi. it will kill you coverage. good luckSource(s):I have aaa


i would say either mercury or progressive


I would recommend Nationwide.


depends on the carSource(s):http://www.insurance-assurance.com/


Nope. Bad credit & young driver is going to be MONGO expensive. Full coverage is going to be even MORE expensive. My recommendation is sell the car, buy a beat up old car for cash, so you don't need full coverage.There isn't any one size fits all cheapest company - it's going to vary by region, city, exact credit score, etc.Source(s):agent, 20+ years


Yes they are good,"http://www.jdoqocy.com/email-1961891-…



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