What comes first when buying a car?

What comes first when buying a car?

I am looking for my first car... WoOt! WoOt!What comes first in the process?Getting the auto insurance or getting a car?I'-m looking at Triple A (AAA)... Is it any good or affordable? Any other good ones I should consider?


The first thing is buy that car that you want and then go to insurance company. Finding a high quality insurance is not easy but there are insurance company that can give you the best coverage and offer affordable one.Source(s):http://www.johnalsopinsurance.com/califo…


More or less at the same time I guess.First I research a car's specs. I'd say anything from 1990 with low mileage that costs less than a grand is a winner. Corollas or Honda Civic.Then search around for a cheap insurance by checking out all sites.Whatever you do, shop around, there are tons of insurance quoting comparison sites around, it's free to get quotes so you might as well use them.Here's some from my bookmarkshttp://finance.ebookorama.com/ukusa-sele…http://gsx1.com/Car-Insurance/100.phpthere's more in google. Get LIABILITY only. Good point for buying an oldish car. It's expendable and nobody will want to steal it either!If you buy an oldish Corolla/Honda Civic, they are also cheap on gas, good luck.Source(s):http://www.sleekbytes.com


You should first find some cars that fit your budget that you like. Then call an insurance company. Geico or Mercury are usually the best for the price. They will let youo know how much it will be to insure each of these cars....you can probably do it online. IN fact you can see each rate at progressive.com. Then pick the car you like best. Drive it to an insurance company and insure the car.


HelloYou find the car you think you want then get a insurance quote, to find out how much its going to cost. Insurance starts as group 1 and goes upwards to group 20 I think then cars are looked at individually. For example a Ford Ka is a group 2. The higher the group the more you will pay. Some companies will let you pay monthly but others will sting you for this benefit. Most companies these days give you a discount for insuring with them.Andy C


you should price the car that you want then call your insurance and they will ask you the year, make and model. then they will give you a quote so you know how much you will be spending.always check into insurance BEFORE you BUY anythingps Congrats!!



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