What benefit can I get if I am a low-income person?

What benefit can I get if I am a low-income person?

Hi:I am living in California right now, and I did not earn a lot to keep my life better or in a stable situation, so I was wondering what can I apply for if I am certain a low-income person?Thanks and best Rgd.p.s.so far as I know there is low-income auto insurance, but I am not sure what else can I apply so thanks for your help.


if you don't have a disability or kids then your pretty much out of luck. they just want you to get a better job or get a second one. if your disabled or have kids then visit your local children and families office and your probably eligible for something.


Go back to school, and apply for student aid and get yourself back on track, It's us educated ppl who support the one's that slacked off in class, so go back to school/college/vocational and change your life,


I live in California, too. I know a few people who found out they qualify for lots more than they'd have dreamed. (I am not assuming you're just lazy blah blah blah.) IF you quality, you can get: #1. 20% off your PG&E bill every month, "CARE". #2. An annual payment from HEAP to your PG&E. #3. a 30% discount on your cable (if no premium channels). #4. A PG&E weatherization program that will replace specific things--like a fridge over ten years old, light bulbs, updated thermostats & new water heater. #5. A county grant for energy saving windows(if you use a PG&E contractor, you can also get a rebate, but their contractors are disasters). #6. If you own property, an annual property tax rebate. #7. MediCal if you can't afford health insurance. I learned all this from elderly persons as well as low income who spent days & days & even weeks searching these things out, otherwise they'd never have survived. Oh, also, there's a Patient's Assistance program where you can get medications absolutely free. BUT. You have to qualify & give evidence of your income. Don't try to cheat! How about food stamps? It's really amazing, but as I understand, very time consuming & frustrating as well with all the phone calls that don't get answered, & forms to fill out...but bottom line, it must be worth it to these people. A couple of them went on line & pulled up County Services. That's a start. Hope this helps!



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