What auto insurance gives the cheapest full covarge becuase my friend thats a guy says its 4000 dollars a year?

What auto insurance gives the cheapest full covarge becuase my friend thats a guy says its 4000 dollars a year?

What auto insurance gives the cheapest full coverage because my friend thats a guy says its 4000 dollars a year since his girlfriend totaled his car.. looking for prices ranges typically around 2500 a year


With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there's no answer to it... you can't get a quote or a best insurer from here....So you want to shop around for insurance just like you are doing when buying a car or anything else.


your best rates will be from local agents in your area, get the yellow pages, and call as many as you can stand, try to find a six month policy, if you can because you will only pay a higher rate for six months. In the beginning everyone is an assigned risk, due to no previous insurance, if you get a six month policy and keep out of trouble the rate should come down after you get the renewal notice. Also the renewal notice is like gold, you can call almost any insurance company and get a quote. If you pay insurance for 12 months you have to pay higher rates for 12 months. Internet insurance rates are not always the best, and some of those websites that claim multiple quotes may only be after address and phone and email, and you may get a bunch of unsolicited spam, or phone calls for products or junk mail for more crap you dont want.


Insurance rates vary based on the drivers sex, age, address, the type of car they're insuring, their driving record and with some companies their credit rating. What your friend pays may not be the same as what you have to pay. Shop around and get quotes from several companies. I personally prefer an independent agent as they sell for many companies who don't spend millions in TV advertising and usually have lower rates than the big companies.ADDED: Someone needs to learn math. $55 a month is $660 a year not $400.Source(s):Long time driver.


If you have no points on your license progressive isn't too bad. I paid 200/month (which is 2400/year) however if you are over 25 it will be less. Also if you didn't have insurance for whatever reason (for example, I had progressive for 4 years, and then didn't have a car so I cancelled my policy) Then they claimed that I was an "uninsured motorist" even though I was living in a city and didn't use a car ever. So the point is they raise your premium for that reason.I have geico now and only pay $55 per month for 4 months. so that's 400 a year.


People are all different, live in different places, drive different cars and choose different insurance terms to sui their different sized wallets.The only way you can find out what it might cost you would be to contact an insurer or even go to an online insurance site.Go here:http://cars.guidearticles.com/insurance-…you can get a price quickly, no hassle.


if you call an independent insurance agent, they work with many companies and can find a lower rate for you most of the time. of course it depends on driving records, age, etc. but most likely it will be lower than the major companies.


There is no such company in the entire world. If there were it would be the ONLY company in the entire world. There is only one way to find a decent rate and that is to get quotes, then choose the best quote.Grammar, spelling, sentence construction?


call an insurance "broker", not a specific company. a broker sells many insurance brands and they can "shop" for the best rate among the insurances they sell. i just did it and saved a ton!


Go herehttp://car-insurance.moneysavecenter.comenter your details and get quotes from main insurers, it's free. Anything else is just suppositions.



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