What are your opinions about the different car insurance companies? Which one is the best?

What are your opinions about the different car insurance companies? Which one is the best?

I currantly have Geico for our auto insurance. They are cheap but i am seeing why. thier customer service SUCKS. i would really like some opinions on different car insurace companies. Thanks!!


The best insurance company depends on your situation. If you want a variety of providers in your area to compare - Visithttp://www.cheap-credit-cards.org/insura… enter your zipcode for a list.


Different companies are cheaper based on your age, location, vehicle, driving history, etc. You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price. I am paying less than ? after I did.Go to: http://www.insureme.com/landing.aspx?Ref…Take care,Casey


State Farm Insurance.They have more money and resources than Geico, AND All-State put together.They may be more expensive (just a guess) BUT.. they are good at where it matters: Customer Service, and Claims Resolution. None better.Good Luck..


I had an accident a few years ago. Progressive treated me VERY well. A passenger in the other car sued me and Progressive paid for a very good lawyer. I didn't pay a dime. They seem to have very competitive rates also.


I've seen Allstate to be about one of the best when it comes to paying claims and stepping up to the plate. I've been an Independent Insurance Agent since 1992, so needless to say I've seen allot of claims and I've seen the way allot of carriers have treated there insured’s. Mind you they are not always the cheapest or easiest company to qualify for but they do pay there claims and for me that's important. I am currently insured with Allstate and so far so good, yet I've never been an Allstate agent.I've heard and seen both positive and negative things about Progressive, but as an Independent Agent I was left with a bad taste in my mouth with them. When Progressive first started marketing here in Texas they were signing up lot's of us Independents to try and market there product. We sold allot of Insurance with them. There prices where almost unbeatable, but we had to take lower commissions and strangely enough many of our policies that were submitted would not pass there underwriting department (not only are agency but I found this happing with hundreds of agencies here in Texas), in turn causing the policies to be canceled and us having a very upset customer, not to mention lost commission (wages). Yet within a few weeks the insured would receive a letter or phone call stating that Progressive would reinstate there policy at whatever amount, but instead of having us as an agent they would be with Progressive Direct which would save them allot of money on there insurance. Progressive’s business ethics just really left me irked not to mention in a financial bind. It was at that point that the quote “not to put all my eggs in one basket” really hit home.I know a lot of people think it’s the agent or what not that have something to do with rates and so on, but that's not always true. Many of us do have a deep desire to help our customers get insurance that meet's there needs and like everyone else we should not be expected to work for free.Anyway I've ranted on enough, check Allstate rates. Read up what you can with regards to different companies this should help you make the right choice.Take care and good luck.Source(s):Insurance Agent (retired)


i have farm bureau ,and have had it with them for over twenty years now,and i think there good,geico isn't that good of a company,and your not the only one who has ever had problems from her service department either,other people are complaining also,my step son had it with them also,but if i was you id try calling some other company's and just see how there rates are,anything would beat them from what i have heard about them,good luck,i hope this help,s.Source(s):been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.


i use western QBE the matched my best quote from NRMA, suncorp was the most expensive, racq are good alsogood luck



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