What are typical limits on a full coverage auto insurance policy.?

What are typical limits on a full coverage auto insurance policy.?

I was recently in a mans vehicle when he wrecked, I was pretty seriously injured, and now have a lot of medical bills, and surgery bills. I know that he has a full coverage policy with Geico, because they have contacted me, and told me that. The only thing that they will not tell me is his personal limits. I have found out though that He has a history of accidents, and DUI'-S. I do not know if that has any affect on his limits or not. I am just concerened about my bills getting paid, and my reimbursement for my lost time, and pain and suffering.


This depends on what type of full coverage he has as to what type of coverage, and not the company will not give out the coverage information, if he has had other accidents this will not affect the coverage amount for yourself, my suggestion, is one higher an attorney or two turn in a pip claim under your auto policy if you have this coverage and let someone else deal with Geico. as they will put you off as long as they can and by then your medical bills will be going to collectionSource(s):licensed insurance agent 17 yrs


hmmm...well.....it sounds like you have more than one question.#1 - really? There is no "typical" coverage limit. Most states mandate a MINIMUM limit and most insurance companies will sell you just about anything you want. Here, for example - the minimum coverage limit is $7500. That's REALLY not a whole lot - but it satisfies the financial responsiblity laws of the state.#2 - FULL coverage typically means that a person carries collision, comprehensive and liability coverage. Saying someone has FULL coverage has nothing to do with the limits. Most insurance companies will not disclose limits to a third party unless there is a legal obligation to. If you were a passenger in his car you are entitled to know what coverages are available to you. (Like - did he have med pay on his policy? etc)#3 - If you have incurred medical expenses - those ultimately are going to be your responsibility. I know that is not something you want to hear. But - these are your options. If you have car insurance - report the accident to your insurance company. If you carry the appropriate coverage on your own policy (MED PAY) you have your covered medical expenses paid under that coverage. If the guy does not have enough insurance to cover everything - then you could make a claim for UNDERinsured motorist coverage (provided that was a coverage you paid for on your own insurance).Your own HEALTH care coverage can cover your bills as well. Once they know it is a car accident - they will have you sign a subrogation assignment letter and they will go after the person who is reponsible.There are a WHOLE lot of other issues here but that should answer your primary questions.Goodluck!~jifr!Source(s):Insurance professional 10+ years


Would you want your insurance telling others what your limits are? It doesn't matter. Once you are finished with treatment, and all the bills have been turned in, if you have exceeded his limits you will know soon enough because the insurance will cover up to that limit and you will have to go after him for any additional expenses. Pain and suffering is one of those slippery terms that means nothing, and you may or may not be compensated for pain and suffering.


1st- full coverage means that the man has liability insurance.2nd- full coverage could mean the minimum required by law in your state. even though he has previous accidents and dui's, it does not affect his limits at the present, but some companies will not insure someone with higher limits due to their prior history, so will only insure for the minimum to keep their "risk" down in future claims.ie- 25/50- this is the minimum in the state of Indiana.broken down, that means the most Geico can pay for your injury is $25K-3rd- you state that you have medical and surgery bills- when you are done treating and submit your bills to Geico, they will consider them in a settlement. that is not to say they will consider all the bills- they could dispute them. but if your injury is serious, i suggest you call your insurance company.you need to know if you have underinsured coverage on your policy. simply put, it means that whatever the limits are on Geicos policy, if it is not enough to pay for your meds and surgery bills, your underinsurance coverage picks up- your company will then contact Geico to see what the limits are and if they need to open a claim for underinsurance for you.also- your insurance company adjuster can then advise you on the best course of action. they will also tell you the procedures and steps needed to take. that could be dependent on the state you live in and what you are allowed- each state has their own regulations, but your insurance company can guide you-but please call your insurance company or even your insurance agent and ask their advice. they will know the state regulations and hopefully answer your questions.


You as a passenger are covered by his BI coverage if he was at fault for the accident, which it sounds like he was. If you have any doubt about his coverage limits for BI, keep in mind most states make you carry a very small amount, I would advise that you contact your own insurance company and file a claim. Depending on your states laws, your policy might fall inline, depending on your UNBI coverages (underinsured bodily injury) if your injury claim exceeds the limits of the drivers policy. Meaning his policy would pay you first and if your policy limits are higher than his, your policy would pay you second. Good luck!



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