What are the requirements for taxi insurance in north carolina?

What are the requirements for taxi insurance in north carolina?

I think the title says it all. I looked on the nc dmv website but couldn'-t find anything.


While I can't provide a specific answer, I can point you to a general answer - which should fall in line with state requirements.First thing though, I would recommend you contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance -CONSUMER HOTLINE: 1-800-546-5664Here's the link to an article about insuring taxi'shttp://www.insurancejournal.com/magazines/southcentral/2007/08/06/features/82800.htmAnd if you need to get an insurance quote, you have many options. Remember, you're going to likely need a commercial auto insurance policy.http://www.progressive.comhttp://www.geico.comhttp://www.statefarm.comhttp://www.nationwide.comhttp://www.quoteserv.comhttp://www.safeco.comhttp://www.travelers.com



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