What are the pros and cons to living in Florida?

What are the pros and cons to living in Florida?

We went to Florida on holiday and loved it. We are considering moving there. What are the best things about it? The worst? What city do you recommend the most?


check out a site called city-data.com, they have discussion boards about various places to live.


The pro's are definately the weather. Love it! The cons are it has gotten way to expensive. At this point there are more people moving out of state than are moving into the state. Also a con is it is very very crowded.


It's good for vacation, sucks for living! I've lived here for over 2 years, and getting ready to go back to Ohio...yes, Ohio is better than Florida.I agree with punk_raw...horrible drivers, bad traffic, crime rate, hot all the time, nobody speaks english anymore...etc


Florida is great for its orange juice. Thats the best thing to come out of there. I personally think its a good place to vacation but couldnt stand the 1 season climate. I need 4 seasons to survive.


I moved here from up North 5 yrs ago and I like it I guess. It's different than what I expected. We lived in the Ft. Lauderdale area and just in the time I lived there I was amazed at how populated it became just in those few years. It's hard because in the Miami area, English isn't particularly the first language spoken. If you want a job in that area, Spanish isn't required, but a bilingual person would get a job over an English only person.The schools....I don't know, they're overcrowded in my opinion. They also have a testing here called FCAT and basically in certain grade levels, the kids need to pass this test in order to move on to the next grade level. It's not all grades, but certain ones need to pass. Then in order to graduate high school, the kids need to pass the big test. If they don't pass, they don't graduate. In my opinion, this has its pros and cons to it.Let's see.....if you plan on renting, it's kind of expensive in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Miami too! I have since moved further north and I enjoy it MUCH better up here. A lot less populated, I like the schools better, it's more of a family oriented place. A place to raise a family.I really enjoyed S. FL when I lived there. But it got old real fast. The face paced, partying lifestyle. But I love the beaches! :)No matter where you end up moving to, places are always nice to visit, not always nice to live in. And like I said, to party, S. FL was awesome. To raise a family, not so much. But there are plenty of places in FL to move to if that's what you guys ended up deciding.Be sure to check out auto insurance rates, home insurance rates, schools, employment opportunities, etc. There's LOTS to factor in when you decide to move.Best of luck to you two!


there is more to florida than south florida. if you want a racy life and don't mind the culture shock than south florida is for you. there is orlando, the west coast of florida and the panhandle has the same climant, beaches and more affordable living, worst thing about florida of course is hurricane season but if you look around in the whole continental us every region at one time or another feels mother nature's wrath. as far as city it depends on what you do and where you are in life. destin,panama city beach, pensacola, daytona beach, jacksonville, sarasota all are great places it just depends on what you are looking for.


CONS:One of the highest crime rates in the nation (often #1!)HumidityNo change of seasonsCompletely flatCubans taking overRude peopleHorrible driversHurricanesCockroachesCarjackingsPROS:Walt Disney WorldSource(s):Lived there for 25 years until I escaped to the gorgeous Northwest.


cons Hurricanes.pros will depend on where You coming from.....Country Town?Miami is fantastic to visit but when living is despicable because You will find Peoples from all around the world (talking in 27 languages) plus the hectic life of the to many people "throwing" party Year round.......nothing calm at all.From a big City?not enough "Subway"(neither, train or sandwich) You need to have Your own car and drive it!! subsequently,You will need to learn to roll down the window and yell back to the other driver in the middle of the rush hour.LMAOI love Miami ....is NOT the term used by Miamians,the real term isI love YOU Miami.Miami :my home


4 words hurricane katrina.



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