What are the pros and cons of Dallas vs. Houston?

What are the pros and cons of Dallas vs. Houston?

We'-re thinking of moving to Texas from Indianapolis, but we can'-t decide between Houston or Dallas. I'-ve done some research on Houston and I really like the Bellaire area. If anyone could help give me more detail on which area is more desirable I would appreciate it! In particular, the weather, jobs, cost of living, crime etc... Thank you!


Well lets start with crime...Dallas and Houston are above the national crime rates....sorry bout that. Dallas has a higher crime rate for alot of things except for murder which houston was higher.Houston is the largest city in Texas and has a million people more than dallas. However dallas has a larger metro area with almost a million more people than houston's metro area. (Dallas has Fort Worth to deal with)Weather now.....Dallas is hotter than houston with a dry heat.Houston is slightly cooler than dallas but is much more humid.Watch out for hurricanes that sometimes head through houston and the tornados that sometimes head through dallas.Houston's highs range from 95 in mid summer (100 isint rare) to 60 in mid winter. Tempuratures in houston wont usually drop below 40 but the suburbs may sometimes drop below freezing. Houston's wettest month is june and driest month is february. The average high for the year is 80 and average low is 61. Dont forget the humidity!!!Dallas highs range from 95 (105 isint rare) in mid summer to 55 in mid winter. Average low for summer is around 75 and winter is 35. The suburbs sometimes drop below 30. The wettest month is may and driest month is january. Winter comes on fast with average high for september at 89 and december at 57.Cost of living...The Q3/08 ACCRA Cost of Living Index shows that Houston’s overall after-taxes living costsare 10 percent below the nationwide average, largely due to housing costs that are 23percent below the average.In the context of the 27 metropolitan areas with more than 2 million residents, Houston’scost-of-living advantage is even more pronounced. Houston’s housing costs are 42 percentbelow the average for the large metro areas, and its overall costs are 20 percent below theaverage for this group.Houston's cost of living is - 9.6 percent below averageHouston’s grocery prices are 18 percent below the major metro average, the lowest within this group.Utility costs in Houston are 1 percent below the major metro average.Transportation costs are 9 percent below the average.Healthcare costs are 8 percent below the average.Costs for miscellaneous goods and services in Houston are 4 percent below the average.Affordable housing in Dallas to meet most any budget. Without being too technical, here's the typical price of things in Dallas, TX.Average Home Price $150,000Average Restaurant Meal Price $10.00Gas Cost (Premium Unleaded) 3.85 GallonPhone $100Electric $200 Avg.Water $50Cable $100Doctor Visit $100Gallon of Milk $2.89Insurance (Auto) $200Avg. Salary for Sen. Management $98,000Avg. Salary for Attorney $98,000Avg. Salary for Exec. Assistant $45,500Dallas has the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport which is the largest in Texas. Highways head in completely random directions which is inconvienient.Houston has the Hobby and Bush airports which eases congestion at the airports. There is a very neat highway system with at least 1 highway heading in each direction. There are two loops around the city which seperate inner and outer Houston. Galveston and Kemah which are big tourist areas are only a few hours away from downtown. I wouldn't live in the 610 Loop due to very poor neighborhoods and a very bad drug market. The suburbs are good but if you want to work in downtown youll have to drive in horrible rush hour traffic.There are also large industrial plants east of the city in pasadena and deer park....also in texas city 30 miles to the south east. Houston has the largest port in the US. There is constant construction everywhere which isint good.I would write more but i'm getting kicked off... hope this helps! :)


Oh boy, this question is going to start a war of insults between Dallas and Houston people, lol. Bellaire is nice, but I prefer the out skirts better. There's no zoning laws in Houston, so just outside of Bellaire are all the seedy apartment complexes. Dallas is hotter in the summer, but not quite as humid. Houston is warmer in the winter.More rain in Houston. I don't know about crime in Dallas, but Houston saw a big jump in crime 4 years ago when all the people from New Orleans came to escape Katrina, then many never went home.


Im sorry don't have time for more, but I would strongly say Houston. But if I were you I would go towards League City, or Clear Lake, or Kemah. Kemah and League City being about 20 minutes from Houston, which makes them very convenient, and Clear Lake is about 15-20 minutes from Houston.


Dallas-barely fun. Houston-very boring and sucks.



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