What are the minimum requirements for auto insurance in Georgia?

What are the minimum requirements for auto insurance in Georgia?

I am looking to change insurance companies and I am not sure what I really need. I am over 40, single with no tickets or accidents and the vehicle is paid for. Oh yeah, I am the only driver.


You need to comparison shop for the best rate. Don't just take a quote from one company that is less and settle. You are in a preferred driving range for most insurance companies and your rates should reflect that. All you need to do is find the right insurance company who rewards these preferred drivers. Everyone always wants the minimum 25k, 50k, 25k in GA. This would leave your assets very exposed if you own any property at all or if you work and make wages. The GOOD NEWS!! Getting 3 times the state minimum auto insurance coverage would only cost you a few dollars more a month, it is very little to say the least. This couple of dollars per month will protect some of your property in the event you have a major accident or cause injuries leaving you very exposed.Source(s):http://www.nationwidebillrelief.com/blog


From Carinsurance. com:"The state of Georgia requires motor vehicle owners and lessees to maintain continuous mandatory liability insurance coverage of at least the minimum limits in order to drive on Georgia roads or highways. The minimum liability limits set by the set state are 25/50/25.These limit numbers stand for: bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per occurrence and property damage liability of $25,000 per occurrence."Those are just the minimums, you should actually have higher limits. State minimum limits are outdated, particularly with much more expensive cars on the roads these days, not to mention medical costs are much higher as well. One small accident with a higher end car with minor injuries could cause your limits to be breached, meaning that you would end up paying the rest out of pocket.



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