What are some key questions to ask a car shipping company?

What are some key questions to ask a car shipping company?

I am considering making a long-distance move from the East coast to the West coast.What questions should I ask a car shipping company? I have received quotes raning from $550 to $1300.What are the key qualifications I should look for? Bonded? Insurance? Reputation? Other?


First thing first - visit http://www.transportreviews.com/ They have over 5300 ratings and reviews of 336 auto transport companies.They don't have much in the way of educating you on the industry or what questions to ask though. For that you may want to check out: http://www.autotransporter.com/ That site has some good information under "Did You Know" and "Tips".As far as price quotes on TransportReviews.com they have a tool that will show you past prices that customer moving have paid. For example South Carolina to California has run an average of $1209. The prices ranged from $850 to $1500.The minimum requirements should be:Brokers- Bonded- LicensedCarriers (the broker should take care of this)- Insured- LicensedI would use the review site and the BBB to determine a company's reputation.I hope this is helpful.Source(s):http://www.transportreviews.com/http://www.autotransporter.com/http://www.transportreviews.com/director…


Get a certificate of insurance, a written guarantee of delivery time, and yes, references. Will the car be enclosed? or covered?


Yes to all the questions you have. Now here is the biggest question, Will it be shipped by loading it on a tractor trailer,or on a railcar by train, or do they use a practice common to the vehicle transport business by letting PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME DRIVE IT to the delivery point? As this is how some auto delivery companies do business. If you look in the local newspapers' classified ads you will see something like "Auto Getaway" where they advertise to let people drive to Fla,Al,Miss,Arizona, etc,etc.in a car with the company supplies the gas and anyone with a driver's license gets to go to wherever you want it delivered . In othr words they get a free ride oneway in your car. Sometimes the company will have anothr car coming back north or the person takes a bus back after their vacation or home visit. So if someone drives your vehiclethey probably could care less how they treat itThis would be MY MAIN CONCERN ON HOW THE SHIPPING IS DONESource(s):Known people who have done this to cover / finance their trip at a snowbirds' expense. and drove the car without reguard to checking oil,tire pressure,etc,etc



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