What are some cheap Auto Insurance Companies?

What are some cheap Auto Insurance Companies?

I pay 193 a month for basic liability with 21st century Insurance. Where can i get a cheap quote?


Find an agent that carries lots of different companies. They can usually find you something cheaper.


I have experience with both Geico and Progressive. Both are about the same price. I currently have Progessive and am paying about 10.00 a month less than what I had with Geico.I recently had an accident and they were EXCELLENT in answering my questions as well as following up with the other guys insurance to make sure I was well taken care of!


USAA I pay 97 a month for 2 brand new cars with every thing that you can imagine on my policy. With them you can have like a 500,000 in coverage and not have to pay for rental cars if your car is in the shop. You can even do everything on line. usaa.com




trywww.response.comI switched to them about 6 months backturned in first accident a month ago,,well pleased with them through entire processget your quote online ,,no hassle


Dunno if there's one in your area... but try Insurance XpressI started a full coverage policy on my truck (04 Ford) for $90.00.Everyone else quoted me far more than that.Seriously - see if there's one near you... might save you a bundle



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