What am i required to know in order to work in an auto insurance company?

What am i required to know in order to work in an auto insurance company?

I have a job interview in an auto insurance company saturday morning.My moms friend is the owner of the company so she got me the interview,Im currently taking computer classes in college but what else do i need to know in order to work there? please help


Depends what the position is. You are not expected to know how an auto insurance policy works, if that is your question. They just want to know you are eager to learn, will get along with others,a nd will work hard.By the way, if it is a Saturday interview, I bet it is an insurance agency, not an insurance company.But you might do some background reading about auto insurance.


You just need to be alert, pleasant, well groomed, conservatively dressed and show some interest in working there.For extra credit go to the web site of the insurance department of your State. Most of these sites will have a consumer guide to auto and home insurance so that you can be at least semi-familiar with what an insurance agency does.Good luck.Source(s):...


It really depends on the position. If it's your mom's friend then I'm sure it is an entry level position and you will get on-the-job training. Try not to stress over it - you will have lots of new skills once you start working there.Good luck!



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