Was it hard to get auto insurance after a DUI?

Was it hard to get auto insurance after a DUI?

I am getting my suspended license back this June, will I be able to be on my husbands policy with Esaurance? How much did you pay for minimum coverage after a DUI?


I paid about $385 for a 6 mo. policy. but after my second I wasn't able to get my license back at all. It was only suspended for a year but in Michigan it's a judgment call by the secretary of state weather you get it back or not. 4 years and 2 appeals will have passed by the time my next appeal comes around. Now I just drive without a license or insurance and with a stolen plate.


Well my fiance was on his dad's policy w/aig & it went from $300 every 6 months to $1000 every 3 months! (my fiance got his regular DL suspended but he now has one that allows him to drive mon - sat between certain hours for work) My fiance had to get SR 22 insurace it cost $300 every 3 months. It's insurance that he's covered on ANY car he drives (even if the car doesn't have insurance it self it has it if he is driving). I suggest looking into that. It will probably be much cheaper for you. Hope I helped! =)


i've never had a dui, but i know why it is hard to get insurance.it's because you are now considered a high risk driver. most people that get dui's go on to get more. If you cause an accident, they will have to pay for all the damages you cause.


Coverage can be had but it costs much more. The amount, depends on the company. You have to ask the insurance company, to know what the amount would be.


I've never had a DUI, but I know it is much more expensive



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