Want to work for state farm but have bad credit?

Want to work for state farm but have bad credit?

I would like to work at a State Farm Agency as a license staff agent but i have bad credit will that hurt my chance for being hired?


Yes, you could be denied employment. In order to attain a LSA (Licensed Staff Agreement) with a State Farm Agent, you must submit to an extensive background check including credit history, MVR (motor vehicle report) and while not a requirement, many agents require drug testing.State Farm agents and their licensed staff, write automobile loans, HELOCS, and mortgages, not to mention the fact they handle IRA's, 401K's and education funding. They and their fully licensed staff are fiduciaries who handle large sums of money on a daily basis.Of course, the agent and their licensed staff's other duties involve advising and writing insurance policies in all lines of insurance including auto, home, business, life and health.If a State Farm agent wishes to hire you without a passable background check, you can only work as a receptionist. That's a company rule, not dictated by agents.With all that said, you didn't state how extensive your "bad" credit is. There are different levels and each agent can make their own decisions, but remember, depending on the level of your problems, you may be limited in the area you may be granted authority and commission.Source(s):Owner of a State Farm Agency. Over 22 years experience.


Probably not. As the appointment isn't yours, you probably won't even receive a credit check.



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