Using personal third party liability insurance for rental cars?

Using personal third party liability insurance for rental cars?

I have a auto insurance for my car which includes third-party/liability cover. I did not opt for rental car protection.I am going to rent a car. I will take the collision damage insurance from the counter. My question is, the third-party liability cover I have for my personal insurance will cover my rental car as well.Or if I rephrase my question, the liability insurance is specific for a car or is it specific to a driver no matter which car he is driving.Thanks.


Check your policy documentation first, but you have already stated you did not take rental car protection, so my guess is that your policy will not cover you.Source(s):


No your liability insurance probably won't cover damages to the rental car.The reason for this is that most policies exclude liability coverage for damage to property that's in your "care, custody, or control". In other words, you're not allowed to be liable to yourself.The safest thing to do is call-up your insurer and add the collision and comprehensive coverages to your vehicle. (Be sure to check it transfers to rental vehicles as some policies only transfer coverage to rentals replacing yours while it's out of service due to breakdown, damage, or repair.) Whatever deductible you chose for your own car would also apply to the rental car.Alternatively you can buy the damage waiver coverage from the rental car place. Check to see if there is an upper limit on the coverage or if it covers the whole value of the vehicle. Also check to see that it covers theft as in some locations it does not.Alternatively to that you can check to see if one of your credit cards has a program where they cover it as long as you pay for the rental in full with that credit card, subject to certain exclusions and conditions. You'll have to read the fine print.Source(s):Claims Adjuster



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