USAA Approved Collision Repair Shops?

USAA Approved Collision Repair Shops?

Does anybody know what auto collision repair shops in the Oceanside, CA, area are approved by USAA insurance? I need to get some estimates for my car and wanted to go to a few different places, but USAA only gave me one place and I want to shop around some before choosing one. I can'-t look online because I'-m not a USAA member (the person that hit me is the one who has USAA and they'-re claiming liability).


Just call them up and ask. Someone with USAA hit me and only had liability. They gave me a dealership to go to, but said I could go elsewhere but just to let them know so they can set it all up.


You can go anywhere you want. You don't have to go to a USAA shop.The USAA shops on their list are just direct-repair shops. This means that those shops just have the ability to fix the car and send a bill to the company for the repairs without getting a field adjuster involved. It just saves them a little time and expense in dealing with it.If you want to repair it elsewhere just tell them and they will send out a field inspector to look at the damages and get an agreed repair price with the shop of your choice. (Or handle it over the phone if the damages are only a small amount.)This is true for approved shops for any insurer.Source(s):Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser



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