Unbiased short overview on Obama's term so far?

Unbiased short overview on Obama's term so far?

Would anyone like to share? Emphasis on unbiased.


Great question.Obama deserves credit for many accomplishments.1) Stewarding the economy during the early days of his presidency, when there was a very real possibility that we would fall into a second Great Depression.2) Ordering the military operation that successfully executed Osama Bin Laden.3) Making an unpopular decision to give billions in federal aid to the auto industry, which saved all of the big 3 (Ford could not have survived the inevitable bankruptcies of all its U.S. parts suppliers) as well as the entire auto parts manufacturing sector - encompassing millions of jobs and the entire industrial midwest region.4) Passing a health care bill that would extend coverage to most Americans, and reduce insurance costs.There are also many drawbacks, and flaws, however.First, the appointment of Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Geithner oversees the IRS, and yet incredibly neglected to pay income taxes while serving at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. During his tenure, Geithner has been a deeply flawed administrator, and the buck stops with Obama for all of Mr. Geithner's failings. These include declining to provide the tens of millions in aid to mortgage holders that were available under the bailout legislation, and disposing of a direct order by Obama to shutter Citigroup, and other large failing financial institutions that had inadequate cash reserves, and generally poor balance sheets.Secondly, Pres. Obama's handling of the debt ceiling negotiations left much to be desired. His offers gave an enormous amount of ground, and destroyed his credibility as a defender of Medicare and Social Security. Republicans rightly did not believe he would stand his ground despite his claims, and his ultimate capitulation weakened him badly for an extended period thereafter. If the cuts he agreed to ever go into effect, it will be a blow to an economy that is not growing fast enough, and will hurt many people, and degrade the quality of numerous government services.With the exception of the Bin Laden episode, where I judge him to have been exceptional, I would rate Obama an adequate President.Source(s):Details on the order given to Geithner found at www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/63673…


46 million on food stamps 13 million more than when he took office.5 trillion in new debt.An a health-care law that most do not want.Not saying anything about his record while running for reelection pretty much tell it all.


Pretty much a disaster by all measurements for success.




A mixed record -- which is pretty much the case with any presidency.The health care process was a farce. The end result pleases no one, and it has little effect but to steer millions of new customers to the private health insurance industry while doing nothing to address costs.He has overseen some successful actions against terrorists, but has mostly continued (and expanded) the Bush policies that have alienated many allies and reduced domestic liberties.He probably deserves credit for stopping the bleeding after the 2008 crash -- General Motors is alive, after all -- but the only significant statistical improvement since then has been in the stock market. Growth and employment have remained flat. A mixed review there -- credit for stopping things from getting worse, but a demerit for the lack of improvement.His biggest failing has been one of commitment. Without bias for or against any specific policy, what is true is that he is not much of a fighter. As such, most of the outcomes during his administration have been rather insubstantial and half-done, even as he has engendered an unusually high level of antagonism from his opponents. He has accomplished little, and done so at great cost.I find myself wondering what he might have been if he were the same ambitious, committed president that he was as a candidate. If he's re-elected, I sure hope we can find out. The best presidents have always been the ones with some guts, one way or the other.




Unconstitutional failure in many ways. He isnt the only one. The Congress is right there with him.



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