I have got one mail from royal pacific fishier company vancouver canada, said that you are selected for fish packer job and we have our sole agent in accra ghana named franklin essien and he will process your file on company behalf but after making more than his fees which he was asking to me, he didn'-t do anything for me as of now, and I am still waiting for my papers and call from canadian embassy new delhi but he said that it will take some time and its already 3 months gone,So please tell anybody who is in canada vancouver and know very well canadian laws that can I take any legal action against him and how its work or anybody who can do this for me because I am totally empty right now and I belong to very middle class family and sole earner of my home and my family is so much worry about me because I had taken loan from bank for the same and now How can I pay this money I really dint know.SO THIS IS MY HUMBLE REQUEST IF ANYBODY CAN DO SOMETHING FOR ME I WILL REALLY APPRECIATE AND MY FAMILY WILL GIVE YOU LOTS OF WISHES.....THANKS


I'm from that the South Coast of BC and there has been some scamming going on here. Don't reply to anything by phone or by postage or e-mail.There was a warning on the news about 3 weeks ago about it.ICBC warns of fraudulent insurance callsVancouver, British Columbia - The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is warning the public about telephone calls regarding fraudulent insurance warnings, which began in late December 2008. The calls, both live and automated, warn consumers that their vehicle insurance has expired, and it must be renewed immediately by a credit card payment over the phone.The calls are not from ICBC or Autoplan brokers. ICBC said that consumers who receive such a call should hang up immediately. Anyone who has received a call and provided personal information should contact local police.----------------Statistics Canada phone scamTreena Wood VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) | Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 9:43 amBookmarkVANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - If you get a call from someone claiming to be from Statistics Canada, don't give them any personal financial information.The real Stats Can says callers claiming to be employees have been demanding personal information from people including social insurance numbers, credit card numbers, or banking information.In some cases the callers talk about a StatsCan survey, and in others they refer to the Census of Canada.If you get one of these calls, you're supposed to call Statistics Canada – and if you've given someone your personal information, call the police.Statistics Canada is asking anyone who receives such a call to contact them at 1-800-263-1136 or at…Statistics Canada phone scam…



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