Third party auto insurance claim and michigan state law?

Third party auto insurance claim and michigan state law?

My car was hit by another vehicle when I was waiting at color lights. The other driver admitted the mistake and the police filed a case against her. The damage exceeds over $2000, however when I contacted the other driver'-s insurance company (AAA insurance) they said no matter what damage their client did, they can not give more than $500 since I have a basic insurance (with another insurance company). They further said this is the Michigan state law. This is very unbelievable as I have to pay for someone else'-s damage. So please shed some light and explain how this works.


Sounds like their insurance company is trying to pull the wool over your eyes to see if you'll fall for their bullsheet answer. Tell them to send you a letter that identifies the exact law, page & paragraph. When you talk to them, you can say it is just as much insurance fraud to deny a legitimate claim as it is to file an illegitimate claim (I used that phrase several years ago - got them to moving). You can probably sue the other driver in small claims court and win. Then let the other driver deal with their own insurance company. Contact your insurance company to see if they've heard of that crap.



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