Stick with USAA auto insurance? Or shop around?

Stick with USAA auto insurance? Or shop around?

I always thought they were not just the best, but also the cheapest (if you qualify to insure with them).But I'-d like confirmation of this, or other opinions... should I shop around for my auto insurance?Switching to another insurer seems almost unthinkable - I'-ve only ever been with USAA...


There are several things to consider about insurance companies, and cost is one of those factors. When comparing the cost of your USAA policy to a quote from another company, do so on an annual basis, and be sure to include the average of the refund check that USAA policy holders get at the end of the year. USAA is a mutual company, and if they collect more in premiums than they spend (costs and claim payouts) policyholders get a refund.Also consider that USAA is much better than many companies about cancellations if there is a claim or you have an issue with your driving record.When is comes to claims, I have nothing but good to say about USAA, and cannot say the same about several other companies. I carry full coverage on the cheapest car we own, simply because that provides me with coverage on rental cars, and any other car I may drive. My wife was hit by an uninsured driver, and I called USAA to report the incident, and so that the hospital bills (thankfully she was only shaken up) would be paid. I told them that I was not worried about a claim on her vehicle, I had a $500 deductible and the vehicle was not worth much more than thatBeing in the auto business, we drive inexpensive, but reliable vehicles, I bought the one that was hit for $100 at auction, and put about $300 worth of parts and repairs in it. It was a total loss in the collision.USAA, even after being told that I was not making a claim, still continued to investigate. I was called by an adjuster who said that it was going to be handled as an uninsured motorist claim, and they wanted to come look at the vehicle. When the USAA adjuster came out, he valued the vehicle much higher than I would have, and when I told him I was interested in keeping it for parts, he gave me a salvage value of under $100. He also added a tow fee into the claim, even though the vehicle had been towed in on my truck.I did not want or expect anything, and they paid much more than I expected. That is taking care of the customer.Consider all of this, you can shop price, but be carefulLike the old farmer said, if you want good clean hay, you have to pay a fair price. If you are willing to settle for hay that has been through the horse already, it is a lot cheaper.Source(s):33 years in the auto businessUSAA insures my cars, house and RV and has for 30+ years now


I started with USAA in 1967 and a few times went with other insurance companies because they were cheaper if only by a little and offered better service only turning out not to be so. Ultimatle I always came back to USAA and have been with them steady now for about 20 years. Only had 2 claims(not my fault) and they represented me against the other insurance companies all the way to settlement.


It's always good to shop it around. You won't lose your USAA insurance just because you are checking their prices.USAA isn't always the best deal around.The best deals will come if you shop all of your insurance - home, auto, motorcycle, boat, RV with one company.


What’s keeping you from shopping around? There’s no harm in finding out what’s out there. You never know what you might find! I settled for TheHartford after shopping around with at least 4 different companies. Shop around, by all means!Source(s):…


Your always better off shopping around at least once per year. USAA tends to be fairly priced but you never know...Try a site like:



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