Should I pay for Insurance or just wait it out?

Should I pay for Insurance or just wait it out?

If I go without insurance (and without driving) for a few years, will my insurance rates go down any faster or slower than if I stay insured? I'-m 18 and had a couple minor accidents, no injuries, so my rates are about to be incredibly high.


Oh but for the Smartphone in your hands. If just for that. It is my theory that Smartphones are making their users slow in the brain. Look, grab a drink and sit. Let us chat. You are eighteen. You thought you knew how to drive. Life's reality factor has showered its heavy water upon your head. A "couple of minor accidents" means what? In my experience, minor accidents are damages you pay for yourself rather than by the insurance company as they do not meet the deductible. So, you may wish to trivialize them but the results say more. So, Tyler, my crystal ball indicates there is more to this story you are trying to sell. So, what is your situation? Really? If you have an option as to transportation owning a car is THE most expensive one. THE most $$$$$$$$ one. So, sell the car, if you have one or ask mom/dad to drop you from their policy and you put that license away and dust out that bike in the shed or garage and prep it up for riding year round. Very logical solution. Cannot afford to eat the the Four Seasons in New York means you eat somewhere else. Makes sense. But Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, the automobile insurance business is a highly regulated business. People go through a lot of training to be certified and licensed in insurance. You, for example, entered into a contract with a private company as to arrange for protection in case of an accident. The policy was the contract's specific legal coverages as agreed between you and them. From your age to your zip code to how often you drove, the purpose of driving, the car, the model, the engine, the theft rate, the crash rate, the age crash rate in your zip code on the car (down to the color) plus many other private proprietary factors, then the company came up with your rates. Teens manage to crash over one million times each year. Over 5,000 teens die due to car crashes. Hundreds of thousands receive injuries. Thousands are injured severely and permanently with handicap level injuries: loss of sight or brain capacity, loss of limbs, burns and scars, loss of movement (paraplegic and quadriplegic), etc.etc. And sadly, many end up in prison due to manslaughter charges. In my area one sixteen year old boy, the day AFTER he got his license, drove left of center as he attempted to answer his cell phone under the influence of marijuana. He killed a pregnant woman. THE DAY AFTER HE GOT HIS LICENSE! The legal term is manslaughter. In April, two sixteen year old girls died as they ran a stop sign in play daylight, good weather as the driver was texting and did not usually stopped at stop signs. DEAD. Texting and not stopping. See what I meant by the use of Smartphones? In any case, when return to the land of driving again, the insurance company of choice shall process your application: zip code, the car info, purpose of driving, the miles, etc. and the rate shall be determined just as it was when you first got insurance. The money you shall save by not driving, not owning a car no insurance, etc. should add to about $7,000 to $9,000 per year. Put it away. Multiply by the number of years and there shall be your stash to start driving anew. OH, when that time comes, Tyler, please sign up with AAA and complete courses they offer to drivers of all ages. Then, you find a track near you that puts people behind the wheel and teaches handling and safety and a lot of stuff. I go to Mid-Ohio myself. Supplement that information with online sites. Check "" and see what people with money to buy cars but no sense to get special training end up doing with their cars. Tragic and senseless. One last thing. Go to your car and bring a a paper grocery bag. Drive one wheel on top of the bag and outline the part of the tire that contacts the ground. Drive off. The space outlined is called the Tire Contact Patch. That is all that keeps car in control.Those few squares of inches. Four of them. Not much. Right? And that is for starters. I have no more space. Please refresh that drink and read this again. Glad you asked and glad these minor crashes were minor. Now, go and sell the car and cancel the insurance and start saving money. Best wishes.


It will be incredibly HIGHER amazing how that works. your best bet is to let your current insurance policy continue and see if they give you a renewal notice. Once you get that renewal notice you can call almost any other insurance company and try to get a better rate. If you cant stick with the company and make damn good and sure you have no accidents or tickets for the next 3 years or you will be severely disappointed


I had a similar thing happen to me. I totaled a car got a reckless driving ticket and then moved out of the country for about 3 years and didn't drive so I had no need for insurance. When I moved back and purchased a subaru WRX (I was single living in california) my insurance was over $200 a month. If you are driving I would suggest you being insured.


Will rates go down faster if uninsured... no.Try to get a defensive driving course discount, or points reduction, or maybe it's both.The main idea is to keep the car from touching anything.The objective is to get home without incident.It takes patience and your full attention.



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