Should I get an insurance for a car before or after I register the car?

Should I get an insurance for a car before or after I register the car?

I live in Texas, and I was wondering when should I get the insurance? Before or after I register it? This is my first car that I buy in the US?Also, technically, do I need a driver'-s license to get an insurance? I'-m in the process of applying for a license...


For auto insurance the quickest way to get a free quote is do a policy comparison. Be sure to choose the same coverage amounts, you can get an fast quote to compare against others. Use the same coverage area, auto make/model, mileage and driving history to ensure you get accurate comparison. To get easy auto quotes, go to and you can compare all the major auto insurance companies.


First, you need insurance before registering a vehicle. My state requires proof of insurance to register a vehicle. You need a drivers license to obtain insurance.


The Texas DMV requires you to provide proof of insurance BEFORE they will register your car, so you need to get the insurance first. And yes, the insurance company will ask you for your drivers' license number, so you'll have to have your drivers' license before you get insurance or the registration.Source(s):15 years experience as a paralegal specialist



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