Sent a bill from other party's auto insurance company?

Sent a bill from other party's auto insurance company?

Last year September 05, 09. i got into a car accident , in Oregon. Our car was badly damaged and the other drivers damage was almost non existent. The officer deemed that a police report was not needed. Our insurance covered our damage. But on the 20th of July 2010, The other drivers insurance company sent us a bill for $5000.What can i do in this case? Are they allowed to send a bill? Why doesn'-t her insurance cover her?I live in Canada, the car was a rental and was covered by Royal Bank of Canada'-s Visa insurance/


turn this over to your insurance company, believe it or not, sometimes people just pay a bill like that when they do not have to. Ask your insurance company what to do, since this issue has been resolved and been signed off on, its anybody s guess what is going through the head of some good off at the insurance company. good luck



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