Renters Insurance Policy Cancelled for making a claim within 60 days after the policy was issued in Georgia?

Renters Insurance Policy Cancelled for making a claim within 60 days after the policy was issued in Georgia?

I have an Auto Policy with Nationwide &- about two months ago started a renters insurance policy with them as well. Unfortunately about 5 days into the renters policy we had a fire occurrence in the kitchen with damage to the property of the owner. I immediately reported the incident &- started the claims process, the appointed adjuster sent his contractors &- they started work at our residence, the adjuster advised me that since our kitchen was out of order we could eat out &- send him the receipts for reimbursement. Meanwhile the restoration company also told me that everything was in place &- they had authorization from Nationwide but I needed to sign a waiver form which basically said that I was actually responsible for securing all payments from Nationwide. I was a bit skeptical &- was led to believe that this was standard practice &- there shouldn'-t be any problems.It'-s been 3 weeks since &- the work is on hold because the contractor says that new cabinets are on order. Today, I received a letter from Nationwide advising me that they have terminated my policy citing that it has been cancelled because I made a claim within the first 60 days of coverage. This seems really strange to me as I would assume that the main reason anybody would want coverage is to protect themselves &- I have no control over an unfortunate incident like this one.My concern at the moment is about the current repairs &- I am really worried as to what would happen to my current claim. Kindly advise !!


The letter you received should have a date telling you when the policy will cancel. If it does not say a date, then it's likely that they will non-renew the policy.Either way, the coverage was in force on the date of loss. The claim is not affected by the pending cancellation.EDIT: since your policy runs out next month...the letter is telling you that they are not going to renew the policy. You will have to get a policy with someone else. Many states require 30 days notice they are not going to renew. Sounds like that is what the letter is doing.This will not affect your exisiting claim. All that matters for the claim is that you had coverage at the date/time of the loss. Non-renewing your policy does not change the fact you had coverage when the loss happened.


EVERY state has a time period - which varies from 30 to 90 days depending on the state, where an insurance company can cancel the policy within that time period, when it is first taken out, for ANY REASON.Any denial of the claim, will NOT be based on the upcoming cancellation. They'd have to use a different reason - like they have evidence that the fire happened BEFORE you bought the insurance, or you lied on your application about something.



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