Rental Car Company is overcharging for accident repair, what do I do?

Rental Car Company is overcharging for accident repair, what do I do?

My father recently rented a luton van, while turning a corner he damaged the right corner of the roof on a tree branch. As the damage was above the windscreen height, according to the rental insurance he is liable for the repair cost.The Rental company has quoted a ridiculous amount for the repair of the fiberglass roof, this is an old Van and the roof has plenty of patched repairs from previous damage, and it seems they are just trying to make a quick buck.What would be the best way to contest their quote?Any advice would be very appreciated.


Getting a second opinion from a different mechanic should work. Get a different quote, and contest them with that. If they fight it, consider contacting a lawyer.




does your insurance not cover that? what good is it then. see if you can get a independent quote.


His auto insurance (well, in the US & Canada anyway), will extend to cover collision damages. Try calling them.



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