Rent a mustang convertible for usa road trip?

Rent a mustang convertible for usa road trip?

we'-re two guys - both 21 of age - who wants to rent a mustang convertible (or something similar) for a road trip in usa starting in new york and finishing in san franciscoany suggestions to websites, car hire companies etc. where it would be possible to find such a deal?


Good luck. There are no deals here, this is going to cost you- you can only reduce expenses.Most rental car companies won't rent to anyone under 25, but Budget does.Next obstacle is the one way drop of fee. You will need national company with agents in NY and SF.Mustangs and the like are Premium expect way higher rates.Companies do offer monthly rates but be sure to get one with unlimited mileage or you'll go broke with mileage feesGet the insurance, unless you know positively your own auto policy covers rental cars. Bring a copy of the policy to the rental. Even then rental car co may still ask for additional coverage.


You probably are not going to find any company that will rent to 21-year-olds and especially a Mustang to two guys! To rent a Mustang is already going to cost a lot, then add the one-way charges, insurance, and extra cost for two young drivers [IF you can find any company that will rent to you] and you're talking about a LOT of money.



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